smbfs: failed dir listing

Urban Widmark urban at
Mon Oct 18 19:02:07 GMT 1999

Has anyone else seen these?

smb_proc_readdir_long: name=, entries=117, rcls=1, err=123
smb_refill_dircache: readdir failed, result=-2

I get them when trying to read a particular directory from a NT4 SP4 (?)

% /bin/ls -alF foo
total 0

The directory in question has 718 files, all with rather long names. This
is on a Linux 2.2.12 patched with my smbfs-nls-filename patch. I'd like to
know if anyone else has seen this, or if I should test some more (for
example without any special patches :). It is 100% reproducible, with the
same error codes so it might be debuggable.

I can list the files using smbclient, so this is a smbfs thing. I have no
problems with other directories on the same share. I do run
samba2.0.6pre1, but since this is after the share has been mounted I don't
see why that should matter.

Clues anyone?


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