password synchronization

Gerry maddock gerrym at
Mon Oct 4 19:44:16 GMT 1999

I'm having a problem with encypted passwords. The only way I could
finally get samba working was to enable plain text passwords in regedit,
then in smb conifuration write the following:
encrypt passwords = no
update passwords = yes

Once I was able to login to the Linux box from winblows network
neighborhood I changed the smb.conf bacck to encrypt passwords = yes,
etc... That works now. My question is is there an easier way to do this,
so I dont have to go thru all of that when I add a new user? I also
tried: [ cat /etc/passwd | >
/usr/local/samba/private/smbpasswd ] for adding new users and that would
not work either. Is there anything else I can try?????? PLEASE HELP!

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