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wmmvdwee wmmvdwee at hawedo.com
Mon Oct 4 17:50:16 GMT 1999


Thanks for your reply. I'am running SuSe Linux 6.0 with samba
version 1.9.18p10. I have installed my HP cdeskjet printer with
YAST (SuSe) as a samba printer. SuSe use the apsfilter as print
filter. I have a file /etc/apsfilterrc.cdeskjet. In this file
there is a line:

  REMOTE_PRINTER="/usr/bin/samba_print //kinderen/hp -U kinderen -N -P"

where kinderen= win98 client on which the HP printer is connected.

The samba_print file comes with the SuSe distributions. 
If you like I can send you this file as attachment.

The printcommand I use are:
"lpr text.file"
"lpr -Plp1 text.file"

Is there a way to solve the problem, as mentioned in my 
earlier e-mail.

I would be gratefull in case you could help me, thanks in



William Knox wrote:
>What is the print command which you are using? smbclient, or some
>homegrown script, or did you install the printer via the Linux 
>printtool (assuming you are using a Linux that has a smb printer
>option and the printtool)?

wmmvdwee wrote:
> I'am running Linux as server.My printer is conected to an win98 client.
> It works fine, at least when the client and the printer are online.
> When I print from my Linux machine and the win98 not connected,
> the printcommand just disapear. "lpq"  gives "no entries".
> Where does the printcommand go then?
> My problem is that in case I print from the Linux server and the
> win98 client is not connected, or the printer is offline the print
> command is not queued for later printing when the win98 client
> and/or the printer is online again. The reason is that my Linux
> server act as faxserver, and incoming faxes are automaticly
> printed.
> Is this possible with Linux ans SMB, or do I have to configure a
> remote printer?
> Any suggestion(s) are welcome.
> In case somebody can help me, and need some more info about printcap
> etc. please let me know.
> Thanks
> Wil

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