Critital SMBMOUNT Error?

Aaron Gray agray at
Mon Oct 4 22:17:19 GMT 1999

I receive this error when trying to use smbmount
from samba 2.0.5a

# smbmount //agro/shiz /shiz
Added interface ip= bcast= nmask=
mount error: No such device
Please refer to the smbmnt(8) manual page
mount failed

WHY do I get this error?

When I run JUST smbmnt (this is ran by smbmount normally) I receive
the message.

# smbmnt 
Segmentation fault

If I use the smbmnt that is from the Binary Package for Slackware, then I do
get the segfault error, but I still get the "mount error: No such device"

This is a Slackware 4.0 box w/ the updated samba to 2.0.5a
Are my libraries hosed?  What IS causing this?

Please Help!

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