win98/samba problems

don_mccall at don_mccall at
Tue Nov 30 13:10:42 GMT 1999

Hi Gerry,
The fact that you are actually connecting to port 139 on and sending a 
session request lets us know that your netbios name resolution is working.  As 
Jerry implied in his message, this begins to look more like a refusal of 
service from the Win98 box.  The Win98 box IS listening on port 139, or you 
would have gotten an error connecting in the first place; one thing that occurs 
to me is perhaps a duplicate ip address?  some other smb type of box (they 
would all listen on 139), if you resolved the name to and the WRONG 
box picked it up, would reply that the called name was not present...  A couple 
of ways to test this:

1. shutdown you win98 box at and do the smbclient -L  test again - you 
should get a different error in trying to connect to  If NOT, 
then a dup ip is a good bet.
2. As Jerry suggested, make sure that some OTHER machine CAN connect to the 
shares on the Win98 box.
3. One other thought; since you are getting your name resolution from a lmhosts 
file rather than a broadcast netbios resolution, perhaps there is a misspelling 
in the lmhosts file, or the name on the win98 box is different than what you 
think?  This would have the same effect; you would be specifying a netbios name 
in the smbclient -L command; the netbios name would be associated with the ip 
address from the lmhosts file, but when the session request was received by the 
Win98 box, if the netbios name is wrong, you would see this kind of error.  
Perhaps (since both the client and the server are on the same subnet) 
temporarily change the smb.conf variable "name resolve order" to not use 
anything BUT bcast (ie name resolve order = bcast) (default is lmhosts host 
wins bcast), and see if the win98 client responds to a broadcast with the name 
you are using.

Hope this helps,

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