Very strange, couldn't stat "."

don_mccall at don_mccall at
Tue Nov 30 12:50:39 GMT 1999

Hello Stephen,
A disk corruption COULD cause a problem like this - I have seen cases on HP-UX 
with corrupt inodes where the 'builtin' directories . and .. were corrupt, and 
you would not be able to 'stat' them.  What you really want to know is WHICH 
service has been connected to when this error is occurring, so you can limit 
your search for corruption.  I would suggest changing your debug logging such 
that you log a separate file for each user, (smb.conf parameter: log file = 
/var/opt/samba/log.%U) and then periodically grep for this message to find out 
WHICH user (or users) sessions are involved in the problem; this may help you 
narrow down what share(s) are involved.  You could then try doing something 
like an ll -a on the head of each share to see if you get any errors accessing 
any files or directories down the tree...
Hope this helps,

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