Case changes when overwriting existing files

Bill Luckett bill.luckett at
Tue Nov 23 21:43:03 GMT 1999


I'm using precompiled (for SCO OS5) 2.0.3. When my Win95 clients save a
file to a share that already has a file of the same name samba upcases it.
To be completely accurate the files in question have numbers as thier first
8 chars then an extension of .mtr. So, on Win95, when copied,
becomes 19991115.MTR on the share if it's overwiting a file called that already exists on the share. The only thing that gets
upcased of course is the extension. I'm assuming that it would upcase the
whole thing but havn't tested it yet.

the parameters that I would think are pertinant to this are

preserve case = yes          
short preserve case = yes    
default case = lower         
case sensitive = no          
mangle case = no             

these are based on what I could gather from the list archives.

Any ideas?

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