Samba not working:-(

Martijn Pronk mpkisbkl at
Tue Nov 23 22:34:57 GMT 1999

Hello all,
Samba (1.9.18 on FreeBSD 2.2.7) is giving me some
headaches: This machine used to have 2 NIC's, but the machine 
moved and now only needs one... so I removed the correct NIC,
Started the machine and changed smb.conf so it doesn't want to
use 2 nic's... Started samb and... nothing... nmbd and smbd are running
but I cant connect... I even don't see anybody on the network if i'm looking
from a Win98 client.
In the log files I see some references to starting a Workgroup on a subnet
(nmb logs..) and failed connections from (smb logs)

Anybody got a clue?

Thanks in Advance...

PS: Sorry I don't include logs or smb.conf, they're not available to me at the
moment of writing...
And yes, I am considering upgrading to 2.0+...
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