WAN links and oplocks

Edward Schernau ed at schernau.com
Tue Nov 23 10:45:39 GMT 1999

Hello all, reposting.

Linux 2.2.5, Samba 2.0.6, and a 56k bridged link via Multitech

Clients (W98, DOS) on the opposite side of the WAN link cannot access
files on shares on the Samba server.  They can browse, get a domain
logon, map drives, but when trying to drag a file in Explorer or copy
at the command line, it hangs the system, and eventually bluescreens it.

Errors like: timeout waiting for client and failed oplock break are

Is there something inherent in the lag of the 56k link?  I know Samba
works over a dialup, but I'm starting to grasp at straws here....

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Network Architect			mailto:ed at schernau.com
Rational Computing			Providence, RI, USA

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