samba not logging windows user names

Ronald Derksen Ronald_Derksen at
Mon Nov 22 08:24:05 GMT 1999


Is it possible that samba logs the windows username of the person that
is connecting to a share. On many shares I use 'force user = testuser'.
In the log I only see the messages "connect to service test as user
testuser". This gives me only the username smbd should become. 

I also tried logging to a file which contains '%U' but this give me very
often the 'guest' name in the logfile while guest access is denied.

Is it perhaps possible to add an option like "debug winuser" to the
configuration which logs the username which passed password checking.

I am running samba 2.0.6 in DOMAIN level security.

Any suggestion on how to get the windows username are welcome.

Ronald Derksen

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