Problems with "invalid user" and file sharing

Jon E. Mitchiner jon at
Mon Nov 22 04:50:01 GMT 1999

Im having some issues with Samba that I'm not sure where to go from, and
have not been able to figure it out.  Im converting a Windows NT machine to
a Linux machine for file sharing.

Ive been able to get printer sharing working properly, as well as public
directories/files which is great.

Im using Samba-2.0.5a (will upgrade to 2.0.6 shortly) and am having issues
with the following:

1) The inability to log into my own private directory with password.  It
keeps on prompting me for a username and password.  Even doing smbclient
``machinename\username` -U username comes up with an "tree connect failed:
ERRSRV - ERRbadpw" from either the unix or Windows NT machine.  log.smb is
showing the following:

[1999/11/21 23:44:07, 0] smbd/password.c:authorise_login(808)
  rejected invalid user samba

Ive tried the "ftp" user, "nobody" user for guest, and so on.  None of them
appear to work and I continue to have an invalid user.  I'm not sure why
this is invalid, which is probably why I can't connect to my own directory
from either Windows NT, or Linux.

2) File Sharing issues.  We use a business accounting package that does file
sharing amongst computers/clients.  It appears with Samba, only one client
can access the accounting package at once (its a public directory, shareable
by everyone).  Apparently there is an issue with file locking, and Ive tried
enabling "strict locking = yes" but it slows things down dramatically and
when two people try to run the program at once, it does not work properly
(the client running it will run at a snail pace, and the other client
attempting to connect will not be able to do so (program will stop
responding in 98/NT)).

Are there any suggestions to allow multiple computers share files for an
accounting package (BusinessWorks, from  Im hoping I dont
have to go back to Windows NT to share files, and I hope that Samba will be
able to do this somehow.

Suggestions, hints, ideas, etc will be appreciated.

Jon Mitchiner
ICQ # 21030881
AIM # MinotaurT

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