Samba not visible in NN with File and Print Services installed on W9x

Till Mommsen tm-s at
Mon Nov 22 03:10:13 GMT 1999


maybe I missed a recent "FDP" (Frequently described problem)in the list, but
maybe somebody can point me to the right direction. There were several
postings about not seeing Samba but none referred the the MS "File and Print
Services" on W9x clients being the cause of the trouble (Hope this is the
correct translation from German W9x).

I've got a Samba 2.0.5a with Suse 6.1 and W9x clients. I can use everything
fine except that  I can't see the Samba machine from a client in NN as soon
as  "File and Print Services" are installed on this PC. Basically it's no
problem since I can map any drive with "net use", but it'd be nice for users
to see it (or nice to know how to hide it but use it anyway). This is not a
problem of a specific PC but applies to all W9x clients.

The clients are using Samba as Wins Server (although it doesn't matter
whether I use Wins or lmhosts resolution) , respective settings in smb.conf:

os level = 65
prefered master = yes
local master = yes
netbios name = test1
wins support = yes

Again, the network works fine with or without the print services (ping name
/IP, smbclient tests, use shares etc.). I just can't see Samba as soon as
these services are installed.

Any hints available today?

Thanks, Till

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