SAMBA config problem

Giulio Orsero giulioo at
Sun Nov 21 19:07:02 GMT 1999

On Sun, 21 Nov 1999 11:33:39 +1100, hai scritto:

>we can't log on to our Linux server from our W 98 boxes.  We can telnet in
>just fine, but it won't show up in any network neighborhood on the PCs....
Can you find it with "find computer..." ?

>I've worked through the DIAGNOSIS.txt from Andrew Tridgell and we can get
> test 4 we get the loopback;
I get the eth0 ip address.

> test 5 doesn't
>work and we can't figure out why; 
test 5 is a bit particular: I have samba working and test 5 doesn't
test 5 only works if you have the netbios names of your win9x pc in the
/etc/hosts file or dns.

>test 6 the same, no work, no figure; test
>7 worked; test 8 gave error 86 from dos prompt ("specif. net passwd not
>correct"); test 9 gave error 53 from dos prompt ("computer name cannot be
>located"); and test 10, can't browse the server.

Check that the netmask, and workgroup, be the same on the win9x and

Try with a simple smb.conf without any security parameters like hosts
allow, interfaces, bind interfaces......

$ netstat -an|grep :139
tcp        0      0*          LISTEN
Do you get something similar?.

$ smbclient -L LINUX_NAME
Addeded interface ip=....... bcast=....... nmask=......
are the ip, bcast and nmask fields filled with your real/right values?

What do the samba logs say?

Set up a valid guest account:
guest account = ftp

Win98 uses encrypted passwords, so you need either to disable them
(using the file you find in the samba docs and restarting the win98
pc's) or enable them on samba:
encrypt passwords = yes
smbpasswd -a username

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