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Fri Nov 19 13:53:47 GMT 1999

In trying to install samba 2.0.6 on my mklinux system, I'm running into a
lot of compiler messages about redifinitions while compiling any of the
smbfs utils.

The current state of mklinux is back several versions from the "regular"
linux kernel, but is using glibc2.1. I understand smbsh is the preferred
way to go instead of smbfs, but I also understand that smbsh is broken
under glibc 2.1 systems.

Most of the conflicts seem to be happening between the include files,
netinet/in.h and linux/in.h. I've heard from one person who says that 2.0.5
compiled well under mklinux, so I may drop back to that if necessary, but
I'd rather get the current version up if possible.

Has anyone out there gotten 2.0.6 to compile under mklinux R1? Or, can
anyone shed some light on what might be causing the difficulties? (I'm
currently tracing back the differences and similarities betweent he two
files, but I'm loathe to mess with either of them if there's a way to get
either smbsh working under glibc 2.1 or smbfs working without playing with
the includes.)

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