Synchronize UNIX password from NT

John E. Malmberg wb8tyw at
Fri Nov 19 14:02:49 GMT 1999

Paul Grondahl <>
>I am running Red Hat 6.0 w/Samba 2.0.6. Samba is set up with
>"security=domain" and "Unix password sync=true". When users access the box
>they get authenticated by an NT PDC as long as there is a Unix account for
>that user. This part works great.

>I want to be able to somehow let our Mac clients and Windows clients access
>the box using their NT domain credentials.
>In order for the Mac clients to connect using their NT credentials I need
>keep the passwd file synced with the smbpasswd file. The way I understand
>is that this is only possibly when using "security=user". However, this
>setting does not provide any "link" to the NT domain and I end up with to
>sets of credentials.
>Is there any way of keeping the Unix passwd synchronized with an NT domain

Microsoft has a UNIX services for NT set that is included with their TechNet
It is a DLL that is installed on an NT box that intercepts password change
requests and can send the new password over the network to a target UNIX or
other box.  Source for the UNIX side is provided.

It uses a Microsoft API that is documented.  However IIRC it intercepts the
password change on the client as it is being passed to the NT domain

I have never actually used it though.

I also do not know if the software is available for free download from


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