Samba, Clearcase, and multiple credentials

Johan Meiring jjm at
Fri Nov 19 00:09:57 GMT 1999


I read your last post regarding Clearcase and Samba

Unfortunately I have NO idea what Clearcase is, but the following scenario
might help to explain as well.

As far as I know the restriction on only connecting to a SMB server as one
client is a NT Explorer (The thing that puts your START button on your
screen) restriction.

You have the following:


2) MS Exchange is installed on \\EXCHANGESERVER

3) MS Exchange has the "CCMail connector" installed.

4) MS Exchange uses a "service" account.  "DOMAIN\serviceaccount"

5) The "CCMail Postoffice" that MS Exchange connects to is a share on

6) In the "Exchange setup" you specify a UNC path that the "CCMail
connector" uses to access the "CCMail POstoffice"

7) Exchange running in the _background_ will use the "CCMail Post Office
share" as "DOMAIN\serviceaccount"

8) I now log into \\EXCHANGESERVER as "DOMAIN\johan"

9) I can map a drive to \\DISKSERVER\anothershare as myself without

Does make any sense? If not mail me and I will try to explain more.

I think the key is that the "Exchange service" and the USER (me :-) ) is
both logged into NT Server separately and each can make their own

The "Exchange service" has a login without a "Terminal session" (read
keyboard and monitor).  The user session has a "Terminal session" (with
keyboard and monitor) (or better STDIO).

Does clearcase have an "NT Service" that runs in the background?  IF yes,
you can confirm who Clearcase will connect as (the "Clearcase service
account") by doing Start-->Settings-->Control Panel-->Services-->"Clearcase

A user that then logs in should be able to make connections as whoever he
pleases, UNLESS the "Clearcase service" make the connection "on behalf of"
the user.  In this case the connection will happen as the "Clearcase service

Anyway I am now rambling about a product I know nothing about.  Mail me if I
can help


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