Samba, Clearcase, and multiple credentials

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Thu Nov 18 01:41:00 GMT 1999

Johan -

Wow!  Now that's a very interesting piece of information.  And a
great demonstration (which I haven't been able to try yet) of the
facts of the matter.

Doesn't seem to be directly relevant to my clearcase problems
(I can't imagine rational actually taking advantage of something
as useful as this), but it's very informative.

Let me speculate:  I'll take at face value your example that you
can access the *same* share both ways.  Let's say userA has
read-only permissions for some files on the share, while userB
has read-write.

Let's say userC is logged onto the workstation.  After the net use
commands are executed, userC will be able to read, but not
write the 'file'
but will be able to both read and write the 'file'
even though these are actually the same file.

Very excellent!

Thanks for the insight.

"Johan Meiring" <jjm at>

> The restriction to only connect as one user to a spesific machine (SMB
> server) is a _CLIENT_ restriction.
> This can be proven in an NT only (and I assume with SAMBA as well, sorry I
> don't have a samba server to test against :-( ) scenario.
> Steps:
> ------
> -  Open a command promp
> -  net use \\SERVERNETBIOSNAME\share /USER:DOMAIN\userA
> -  Enter userA password
> -  net use \\server.ip.address\share /USER:DOMAIN\userB
> -  Enter userB password
> You are now connected to the same SMB server as two different users.  The
> _CLIENT_ thinks it is two different machines because you referred to the
> same machine using two different names.
> ...

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