Samba, Clearcase, and multiple credentials

Johan Meiring jjm at
Wed Nov 17 23:50:23 GMT 1999

Hi Frank,

The restriction to only connect as one user to a spesific machine (SMB
server) is a _CLIENT_ restriction.

This can be proven in an NT only (and I assume with SAMBA as well, sorry I
don't have a samba server to test against :-( ) scenario.


-  Open a command promp
-  Enter userA password
-  net use \\server.ip.address\share /USER:DOMAIN\userB
-  Enter userB password

You are now connected to the same SMB server as two different users.  The
_CLIENT_ thinks it is two different machines because you referred to the
same machine using two different names.

Not that on Win9x this is not possible, as Win9x will only ever supply the
username that was used to "log in" to Win9x

Hope this helps


>This falls under the 'getting clearcase to work with samba'
>Does anybody know if the clearcase albd server actually uses
>samba to access files (or anything else) on the unix side?
>I am having 'discussions' with rational (the clearcase people).
>The nt user running clearcase to access some unix-side views
>connects to the unix side using a set of credentials that have
>access to the user's unix-side files.
>In addition to the clearcase user, there is also the clearcase
>'albd' service that spawns off a number of service processes.
>Rational tech support asserts that (some of) these processes
>need to access the unix-side files using credentials that give
>them the access rights of the clearcase administrative account.
>(This account had different, and presumably broader rights
>than does any specific user.)
>This would mean that the nt host was connecting to the unix
>host with two sets of credentials, which smb supposedly
>does not permit.
>Does anybody know what gives here?  What rational is saying
>seems to me to contradict what samba permits.

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