Samba 2.0.6, MKS' touch.exe, and file/dir time stamps

Gert-Jan Vons vons at
Wed Nov 17 13:10:46 GMT 1999

Hello all,

we are experiencing problems with samba 2.0.6 and the MKS touch command.

during our builds, we touch files and directories so that our make 
dependencies work correctly. Unfortunately, it seems that MKS' touch.exe 
doesn't actually change the time stamp of a file or directory. The 
command returns without an error, but the timestamp does not change.

The same problem exists with samba 2.0.4 and 2.0.5, but we found out that 
this actually _does_ work with an old machine that still runs samba 

Our clients are running NT4SP3 and NT4SP5, server is solaris 2.5.1. On 
the samba side, there are no errors in the log files.

On the unix side, I have my file named "xx"

$ ls -lu # last access
-rwxr--r--   1 vons     users          0 Nov 17 10:18 xx
$ ls -lc # last inode  modification
-rwxr--r--   1 vons     users          0 Nov 17 13:39 xx

Executing "f:\mksnt\touch.exe xx" on the client results in the following
log messages (debug level = 10):

  | < .... the file is looked up and opened .... >
  | [1999/11/17 13:39:45, 6] smbd/trans2.c:(1905)
  |   actime: Wed Nov 17 13:36:24 1999
  |    modtime: Wed Nov 17 10:18:01 1999
  |    size: 0 mode: 0
  | [1999/11/17 13:39:45, 10] smbd/trans2.c:(1935)
  |   call_trans2setfilepathinfo: setting pending modtime to Wed Nov 17 
10:18:01 1999
  | < .... file is closed .... >

MKS' touch is supposedly updating the access and modification times of a 
file, but after the "touch", only the Unix inode modification st_ctime is 
updated (so samba *did* something with the inode), but not the atime or 

What surprises me is that the pending mod time is not the current time 
(13:39), it looks as if the file's mod-time is overwritten with the same 
old value ?)  Secondly, the code states that the modtime is made pending 
because a subsequent write() will change it anyway: but in our case, the 
touch command is not going to write anything.

Am I running into a bug here, or is this a smb.conf problem ?

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  software was run" - broman at

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