samba-2.0.6: wrong filetimes when copying files with WindowsCommander

H.-P. Ermert ermert at
Wed Nov 17 12:21:18 GMT 1999


When I copy files using WindowsCommander 4.01 (
on WinNT 4.0/SP4 on a share which is exported by samba-2.0.6 then the 
new files (residing on the same share) do not get the same filetimes 
as the original files but just the current time.

The system samba is running on is SuSE 6.2 with a linux 2.2.10 kernel.

This happens always if the destination filesystem is exported using

Filetimes will correctly be preserved 
	- if I use samba-2.0.5a
	- if I copy using the Windows-Explorer
	- if I use the COPY command from a CMD (DOS) shell
	- if samba-2.0.6 is running on SunOS 5.6

Looking forward for a resolution.


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