HELP: Connections dropping whilst processes increasing.

Martin Rootes M.J.Rootes at
Mon Nov 15 17:32:34 GMT 1999

I'm running Samba 2.0.4b on a E450 running Solaris 7 which acts as a diskspace server for 
students, normally everything runs quite smoothly with numbers of connections in the region of 
about 800/900. Then every now and again students will start seeing their connections being lost  
and others will not get a connection when they log in, looking at the system shows no obvious 
problems, except the error messages below in log.smb, and the fact that the number of smbd 
processes increases to unfeasible levels (I have seen as many as 5000). Does anyone have any 
idea as to what may be causing this, or any idea as to how to diagnose the problem.

	Martin Rootes
	Systems Support
	Sheffield Hallam University

[1999/11/10 14:56:08, 0] smbd/oplock.c:request_oplock_break(996)
  request_oplock_break: no response received to oplock break request 
to pid 7118 on port 51376 for dev = 2580006, inode = 8385207
  for dev = 2580006, inode = 8385207, tv_sec = 382985c5, tv_usec = 
[1999/11/10 14:56:08, 0] lib/util_sock.c:client_addr(889)
  getpeername failed. Error was Transport endpoint is not connected
[1999/11/10 14:56:08, 0] lib/util_sock.c:write_data(415)
  write_data: write failure. Error = Broken pipe
[1999/11/10 14:56:08, 0] lib/util_sock.c:write_socket(191)
  write_socket: Error writing 4 bytes to socket 7: ERRNO = Broken pipe
[1999/11/10 14:56:08, 0] lib/util_sock.c:send_smb(606)
  Error writing 4 bytes to client. -1. Exiting

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