browsing network neighborhood

Rob Taylor reptaylo at
Sat Nov 13 10:06:40 GMT 1999

Hello, I'm looking for help with the following setup.
I have my own network of about 5 windows 95/98 computers and 1 linux box.
with IP addresses 192.168.10.*
The one running linux is actually set up as a router, with 2 ethernet cards
The other network that it is connected to is the residence ethernet at my
school, which is connected to the internet.
>From behind the router, I can use all the normal internet stuff without a
problem, like www, ftp, etc.
The problem is that i can't browse the residence ethernet 'Network
Neighborhood' from behind my router - to access files that other students
have shared. On my windows 98 computer i have enabled WINS resolution, and
specified the WINS server. With this i can use the windows 98 'Find
Computer' to locate a computer and download their shared files. This is good
except that I would have to know the name of a specific computer to look for
before hand. I just want to find out how i would set things up so that i can
browse the whole residence network neighborhood from behind my linux router.
If anyone knows anything about setting up this kinda thing, please help me
out or point me in the right direction and tell me what i should be reading
Rob Taylor

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