Slightly OT Win98 DNS question

Edward Schernau ed at
Sat Nov 13 00:45:01 GMT 1999

Keith Murphy wrote:

> > I've got a W98/Samba LAN running with a 3Com OfficeConnect
> LANModem for
> > shared internet access.  Periodically, like every 10 minutes,
> it dials
> > out, due to a DNS request for the workgroup/domain (same) name.
> > 
> > Any fix for this?  Can I just put a dummy address in all the
> host files?
> > 

> This is not related to Samba, very much, but I thought I'd post the
> answer here since this sort of thing happens often with Windows
> machines.
> These are broadcasts that are supposed to happen on the local network
> only.

No, its not related to Samba, but it certainly is not related to
routing, as was suggested.  A PC is doing a _DNS lookup_ for the
name, this I know from the logs on the modem.

Any way to keep a W98 machine from doing DNS lookups for its workgroup
name, or to fool it into thinking that it knows the IP address?

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