smbclient to NT server cannot see files

Phil Edwards pedwards at
Thu Nov 11 22:51:14 GMT 1999

I am happily using 2.0.5a at my site to serve directories from our Solaris 2.7
machines to both NT and Lose9x systems.  It all works beautifully after I beat
the smbpasswd file into submission.

Now I am trying to use smbclient to connect to services on an NT 4.0 SP5 server.
I can connect as both the local Administrator and as a regular user (also local
to that NT box).  But I cannot get/put anything, and a dir only returns, e.g.,

    smb: \> dir
                    49039 blocks of size 2048. 48909 blocks available
    Total bytes listed: 0
    smb: \>

on debug level 4.  (Yes, the disk size in this example is in fact correct.)
The only mention of this problem I could find in the FAQ was to check the name
mangling setting in the smb.conf file, and that setting is on.

What must I do in order to see and manipulate the files on the NT server?

Much thanks for any advice,
(I am not subscribed to this list; please Cc any replies.  I will summarize.)

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