troubles on subnets

Gernot Groder gernot.groder at
Thu Nov 11 19:44:29 GMT 1999

Hello from Austria,

We are running LINUX (Suse 6.2) with samba 2.0.5a without troubles in one
subnet. Conecting machines (NT4.0, SP5) from an other subnet, i always get
the message "...unable to find the domain-controller..." (the message is in
german, sorry for no translation, but i think you know what the message
tells me). The problem don't appears when connecting the machine in the same
subnet as the samba-server.
The problem appears sometimes with SMC8432-NIC's and always with Notebooks
with a 3Com Megaherz-NIC (i don't think, that this is important). After
pressing ok to this message, the network-access is possible (ping,
telnet, rlogin,mail,...) Also a net use command from the client is possible.

I've set up the lmhosts and the hosts-file on the clients like the following

lmhosts:        tiland-8        #PRE #DOM:tiroler

hosts:       localhost        tiland-8

the ip-add of the samba is
the name of the samba is tiland-8
the name of our domain is tiroler

this two files are on the clients in the

any hints, what we are making wrong??


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