[smbfs] Timing problems with kernel 2.2.x?

Marc Haber Marc.Haber-lists at gmx.de
Thu Nov 11 13:55:19 GMT 1999

[Note: This has been posted to linux-kernel and was ignored. Since
smbfs is maintained by the samba team, I am retrying here]


To maintain and install packages from CD-ROM to my Debian/GNU Linux
system, I use Debian's apt package. Since my Linux box is stowed away
in a closet, I use an smbfs mount to mount the CD-ROM drive from my
Windows desktop machine to the Linux box.

This used to work perfectly with kernel 2.0.x. However, kernel 2.2.x
seems to have introduced some kind of weird timing problem.

When I register a new CD-ROM with apt, I have to call the program
"apt-cdrom" with the parameter "add". apt-cdrom umounts the CD-ROM,
prompts the user to insert the new CD-ROM into the drive, mounts the
CD-ROM and immediately proceeds to read the directory. This first read
attempt fails with kernels 2.2.x. I have to disable the umount-mount
sequence with the parameter "-m" and have the CD-ROM mounted
previously for the CD-ROM registration to work. stracing apt-cdrom
shows evidence that the first directory read returns an empty
directory even if the mount call that was issued immediately before
succeeded. After that failed directory access and the program's
termination, the CD-ROM is mounted correctly and can be accessed.

I now suspect that the 2.2 series smbfs needs some time after the
mount call returned to actually attach the mounted share to the mount
point in the local file system. Thus, access attempts issued
immediately after the mount fail.

Re-booting the system with a 2.0 series kernel (and using the correct
smbmount version for the kernel) makes the problem vanish. It can be
reproduced with kernel 2.2.12 and 2.2.13 (didn't try any earlier
releases though) and even with the latest smbmount from samba

Is this a kernel issue? Any chances to have this fixed in a future


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