Word document corruption when connection lost

David M. Davisson davisson at emuni.com
Wed Nov 10 22:26:52 GMT 1999

Martin Rootes wrote:
> We've been having some problems where connections are being lost to our 2.0.4b Samba
> machine, the specifics of which are in a different post. To add to the problems we find there is a
> problem with particularly Word and also some other programs, with the file in memory getting
> corrupted when the connection is lost. If a user loads a Word document from there Samba share
> and then the connection gets dropped, when they try and save the document it obviously won't
> let them save to the Samba share, however, we've found that they can't even save to a floppy
> drive the file in memory has seemingly become corrupted! Has anyone seen this happen and if
> so is there any fix / work around. I'm presuming that it's something to do with temporary files as
> Word seems to put these in the same location that it got the file from.

We've been having the same problem with Office and other applications. 
I suspect that you are having oplock problems.  Read your logs, they
should record the problem.  Try this URL, it solved my problem:


Also, if you are running NT workstation and an Anti-Virus program, it
will try to access the shares in guest mode.  This was causing smbd to
die for us and caused the app to lock up.  Make sure that you have
minimal read permissions for your guest account.

David M. Davisson
davisson at pfp.net

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