mask or mode with 2.0.6pre3 smbmount?

Brian Servis servis at
Wed Nov 10 21:37:56 GMT 1999

The file/directory mask setting options in the 2.0.6 smbmount state the

      fmask=<arg>                     file umask
      dmask=<arg>                     directory umask

But they appear to instead be using the given umask as the mode.

% mount -t smbfs //client/c /mnt -o guest,uid=0,gid=35,fmask=3660,dmask=770
% ls -dl /mnt
   0 drwxrwx---    1 root     dos           512 Jan  1  1970 /mnt/
% ls -l /mnt/config.sys
   0 -rw-rw----    1 root     dos           463 Aug 28 07:38 /mnt/config.sys

I often get the mask/mode issues confused but it appears that smbmount
is doing the opposite of what it says it is.  Maybe I am wrong an
someone can straighten me out on this.

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