Domain master browser for multiple domains?

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Wed Nov 10 15:34:48 GMT 1999

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> Any machine - including Windows 95/98 - can be a master browser for the
> workgroup/domain (this can be considered synonomous for our purposes
> here). The master browser does not need be a PDC, BDC, or even a server.
> The master broswer is determined by an "election" which occurs at specific
> intervals or when a domain controller is brought up on the domain. You
> should be able to use "browstat" from the NT resource kit to determine
> which machines are acting as master and backup browsers.

But can a Windows 95 machine be a *domain* master browsers and not just
a local master browser for a particular subnet?

My Windows 95 machines don't appear to become domain master browsers -
only when they're in a domain/workgroup with a domain master browser do
all the workgroups show up in Network Neighbourhood.

  - Bob

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