Domain master browser for multiple domains?

John J. LeMay Jr. jlemay at
Wed Nov 10 16:24:56 GMT 1999

According to Microsoft, (I'm sure I will be blasted for that) any Windows
machine - including everything from WFWG through NTW and NTS - can SHARE
the subnet browse list with the NT Domain Master Browser, aka the PDC. 

In other words, it sounds as though you will not be able to browse across
subnets without a PDC, and that Win9x machines can only be master browsers
for their subnet. I am not sure if Samba can become a DMB, or if it can
only act as a "LMB", which is your original question.

I'm curious what would happen if a Win9x machine were dual-homed on
multiple subnets. Would it generate a single large browse list containing
info from all subnets it can directly reach?

On Thu, 11 Nov 1999, Bob Franklin wrote:

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> Sent: Wednesday, November 10, 1999 2:38 PM
> > Any machine - including Windows 95/98 - can be a master browser for the
> > workgroup/domain (this can be considered synonomous for our purposes
> > here). The master browser does not need be a PDC, BDC, or even a server.
> >
> > The master broswer is determined by an "election" which occurs at specific
> > intervals or when a domain controller is brought up on the domain. You
> > should be able to use "browstat" from the NT resource kit to determine
> > which machines are acting as master and backup browsers.
> But can a Windows 95 machine be a *domain* master browsers and not just
> a local master browser for a particular subnet?
> My Windows 95 machines don't appear to become domain master browsers -
> only when they're in a domain/workgroup with a domain master browser do
> all the workgroups show up in Network Neighbourhood.
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