Getting around 16 unix group limitation

Carey Sinclair carey.sinclair at
Wed Nov 10 04:30:38 GMT 1999

Has anyone worked out a way around the 1+16 group limit imposed on
Solaris in regards to samba.

Our situation is that users only see the Solaris 2.6 server via Samba -
ie. no user has telnet or general unix access to the server. Is there a
way using Samba to allow users to belong to more than 16 secondary
groups (ie. bypassing the underlying unix group limitation). I am aware
that you can increase the number of groups in Solaris to 32 by kernel
parameters but because we also use NIS and NFS this is not a feasible

Ideally there should not be a limit to the number of groups a user can
belong to. Currently we are forced to use Solaris ACLs when users reach
the maximum number of groups - unfortunately this is a very messy

Surely many people have come across this problem. What have been the
workarounds - if any???

 Carey Sinclair
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 Tait Electronics Ltd, Christchurch, New Zealand
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