Case preservation and German Umlaute with Samba 2.0.5a and AutoCAD14

Gregor Dicke edv at
Mon Nov 8 13:50:25 GMT 1999

Hello all,

I' ve got a strange problem since I' ve installed the latest version of Samba. My configuration:

Hardware- & Software-Configuration:
Server-OS: AIX
Samba-Version: 2.0.5
Clients: WindowsNT Workstation 4.0 SP 5 and AutoCAD Version 14

Every Application I'm using is coping very fine with the new Samba-Version, but AutoCAD behaves a
little strange!
When I open a file called "Zylinderstangenkopf.dwg", AutoCAD opens this file, like it should do!
But when I'm now saving this file, AutoCAD automatically renames this file to "ZYLINDERSTANGENKOPF.DWG"!
This Problem only occurs with file-names longer than 8.3, and on a samba-Server (not on the local disk-drive, and
even not on an NT-Server-disk). 
For Example:
"Zylinder.dwg" stays "Zylinder.dwg" after saving.

No other Application behaves like that, and I don't know anymore, what to do about the problem. The problem would not
be so annoying, if AutoCAD would not start up with problems because of the big-lettered filenames!

To make the problem even more disturbing, i found out, that AutoCAD on a Windows98 client doesn`t cause these problem!

There is also the Problem, that AutoCAD, as the only Application accepts filenames including the "Geman Umlaute" "ä" and "ö" but doesn`t accept
filenames including "ü" or "ß". If the filenames include one of the last "German Umlaute" then AutoCAD shows the Message:
"The file doesn`t exist or the network connection isn't established!" 

Thank you for any kind of reply

Gregor Dicke

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