problems with browsing

Kopp Sabine Sabine.Kopp at
Mon Nov 8 13:11:06 GMT 1999

> My samba (2.0.5a) server runs on linux with kernel 2.0.36 all clients are
> NT Workstations.   When I mount a share on a NT workstation via explorer
> -> extras -> connect... (netzlaufwerk verbinden...) then I see the server
> and after klicking on it,  I see all shares. Its ok. 
> But now a colleague want to see the shares when he click at start button,
> then search the samba server (it will be found), klick at the servers name
> and then see all shares. This funktions, too. Now I click on (every) a
> share then  I see nothing in it. What's the Problem?


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