Case preservation and German Umlaute with Samba 2.0.5a and AutoCAD14

Otto Giesenfeld otto.giesenfeld at
Mon Nov 8 15:06:50 GMT 1999

--On den 9 november 1999, 00:51 +1100 Gregor Dicke
<edv at> wrote:

> Every Application I'm using is coping very fine with the new
> Samba-Version, but AutoCAD behaves a  little strange! 
> When I open a file called "Zylinderstangenkopf.dwg", AutoCAD opens this
> file, like it should do!  But when I'm now saving this file, AutoCAD
> automatically renames this file to "ZYLINDERSTANGENKOPF.DWG"!  This
> Problem only occurs with file-names longer than 8.3, and on a
> samba-Server (not on the local disk-drive, and  even not on an
> NT-Server-disk). 
> For Example: 
> "Zylinder.dwg" stays "Zylinder.dwg" after saving. 
> No other Application behaves like that, and I don't know anymore, what to
> do about the problem. The problem would not  be so annoying, if AutoCAD
> would not start up with problems because of the big-lettered filenames! 

There is a similar problem with the email client Mulberry (see for more info on the program). When saving an attachment,
the program asks if I want to open it with the corresponding application,
e.g. MS Word. The attachment filename passed to the application is
converted to uppercase if and only if Mulberry saved the file to a Samba

If such a file is then saved from MS Word, the name will become uppercase.
But it is possible to get around the problem by opening the file through
normal means instead. (I.e. Mulberry saves the name correctly -- it is
converted to uppercase at a slightly later stage.) 

This happens regardless of name length. OS for Samba is RedHat 5.x, Samba
version 2.0.5a (and older 2.0.x versions), Mulberry platform NT4 SP5 (and
SP4), and Mulberry version 1.4.4 (and older 1.4.x versions).

In smb.conf: preserve case = yes, short preserve case = yes

To me, this is only very modestly annoying, so I do not feel like
investigating it much further, but I thought it might be relevant to report
that AutoCAD is not the only problematic application.

Otto Giesenfeld

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