Announce: KDE User Manager does smbpasswd.

Stephen L Arnold arnold.steve at
Thu Nov 4 16:46:12 GMT 1999

On 4 Nov 99, Andy Phillips <atp at> had this to say about 
Announce: KDE User Manager does smbpasswd.:  

> Hi,
> I'd like to announce a beta patch to the KDE user manager
> (kuser) that integrates the management of the smbpasswd
> encrypted password file with the existing password file. 

Not having looked at the code, I have no idea about the effort 
required, but would anyone like to yank this utility out of KDE and 
make it stand-alone (for the many folks who don't run KDE)?

Maybe a gnome port, or use a standard Xlib that's commonly 

Just a thought...


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