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On 4 Nov 99, Gerry Maddock <gerrym at> had questions 
about Share problems:  

> Ok, heres my sys parameters: RH60 running Samba 2.0.5a. I have
> the following groups in /etc/groups IT, sales, intsales,credit
> all the proper names were added to their corresponding groups.
> Problem #1) User johno cannot access the shares iso9000 or
> iso-9000, even though I have hime set up as a valid user. 

First, samba will *not* override the underlying linux 
file/directory permissions.  Second, RedHat uses a different 
default setup (different than most, anyway) based on user-private 
groups (see the RedHat manual).

If you want a particular win-user to access a samba share, then 
that user (on the linux side) must own the files/dirs under that 
share, or else belong to a group that owns them (the latter is what 
you want for multiple users to have access to shared files/dirs).

Check and see which user owns the stuff underneath the given samba 
shares (if they're owned by root, that's probably not what you 


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