using smbmount for NT share

Keith G. Murphy keithmur at
Thu Nov 4 15:32:20 GMT 1999

"Mader, Cary J" wrote:
> I posted a previous thread about using smbmount, but I am still having some
> problems, using samba version 2.0.5a on SuSE 6.2.
> I issue the statement:
> smbmount //NTServer/share /mnt/test -Iaddress -Uid%pswd
> Afterwards, if I go to the mount directory, i.e. 'cd /mnt' and issue the
> command 'ls -l' I get an error message 'ls: test: Input/output error'.
> After that, the mount point is pretty much hosed until I reboot the server
> (I haven't looked to see how to stop the smb daemon process yet, which might
> fix it as well).  I can't issue a 'umount' command without getting a message
> that the device is busy.
I don't know what your problem in mounting is, or how to fix it, but to
get it unmounted properly you might try doing 'smbumount', *then*
'umount'.  This seems to be a quirk in 2.0.5 that is supposedly fixed in
2.0.6.  Who knows, maybe if you get it unmounted OK, you can then mount

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