using smbmount for NT share

Andreas Hasenack unixach at
Thu Nov 4 01:22:20 GMT 1999

I don't know about Suse's kernel in this particular version, but there used
to be an option in the smbs filesystem regarding "win95 bug workaround". If
this option is turned on and one tries to access a NT system, something
wrong will happen. I had once problems like yours with a stock redhat 6.0
system, with kernel 2.2.5. I recompiled it without that option and it
started to work fine. I also remember some warnings on Bugtraq about this,
that one shouldn't use stock redhat 6.0 systems to access NT servers.
Newer kernels don't have this option anymore, they detect on the fly the
remote system and adjust accordingly.
Anyway, this is what happened to me. Maybe it will help you.

>I posted a previous thread about using smbmount, but I am still having some
>problems, using samba version 2.0.5a on SuSE 6.2.
>I issue the statement:
>smbmount //NTServer/share /mnt/test -Iaddress -Uid%pswd
>Afterwards, if I go to the mount directory, i.e. 'cd /mnt' and issue the
>command 'ls -l' I get an error message 'ls: test: Input/output error'.
>After that, the mount point is pretty much hosed until I reboot the server
>(I haven't looked to see how to stop the smb daemon process yet, which
>fix it as well).  I can't issue a 'umount' command without getting a
>that the device is busy.

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