Share problems

Andreas Hasenack andreas at
Thu Nov 4 01:27:56 GMT 1999

What about the linux file system permissions on that directories? Say, if
these users logged in in the linux box, could they do what you expect them
to do in these directories?
For example, granting a user write access to a share from samba won't work
unless that same user has write access privileges in the filesystem.

>Ok, heres my sys parameters: RH60 running Samba 2.0.5a. I have the
>following groups in /etc/groups IT, sales, intsales,credit
>all the proper names were added to their corresponding groups.
>Problem #1) User johno cannot access the shares iso9000 or iso-9000,
>even though I have hime set up as a valid user.
>Problem #2) No one, except IT can access scratch, docs, TRImages or
>TRData, and I didnt specify any valid users so they
>                    could read the files there.

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