Share problems

Gerry Maddock gerrym at
Thu Nov 4 14:55:30 GMT 1999

I did make that directory a "group" dir. If they did happen to log onto the
linux box, they would have rights in that dir.

Andreas Hasenack wrote:

> What about the linux file system permissions on that directories? Say, if
> these users logged in in the linux box, could they do what you expect them
> to do in these directories?
> For example, granting a user write access to a share from samba won't work
> unless that same user has write access privileges in the filesystem.
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> >Ok, heres my sys parameters: RH60 running Samba 2.0.5a. I have the
> >following groups in /etc/groups IT, sales, intsales,credit
> >all the proper names were added to their corresponding groups.
> >Problem #1) User johno cannot access the shares iso9000 or iso-9000,
> >even though I have hime set up as a valid user.
> >Problem #2) No one, except IT can access scratch, docs, TRImages or
> >TRData, and I didnt specify any valid users so they
> >                    could read the files there.
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