NT user rights on a per file basis

Trautenberg Elmar Elmar.Trautenberg at erls.siemens.de
Wed Nov 3 07:19:15 GMT 1999

We use samba in a heterogeneous Unix (HP-UX) and NT environment. One purpose
is to give a group of about 25 NT users access to a common disk which is
situated on one of our HP-Unix machines and a small group of Unix- and NT
users to give them additionally access from NT to their Unix HOME
The NT users are authorized by an NT controller in the network.
Our problem is that NT crashes if we try to set individual user rights for
an individual file as it is an normal action under NT controlled disks. On
NT each user writing a file onto the disk can control on a per file and per
user basis which other user may access this file and with which rights. This
is similar to the acl's which are built into old DEC-VMS and some Unix
clones. But most Unixes don't have this feature or, as with HP-UX, in a not
very usable version.
We didn't find any information neither in the samba documentation nor in
some books about samba if this action can also be performed for a disk
accessed via samba, even if the underlying Unix does not have acl's.
Does there anybody know, if such authorization on a per file and per user
basis can be done with samba, with the actual version or with a version in
the near future?

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