Samba 2.0.6pre3 snapshots available.

Giulio Orsero giulioo at
Fri Nov 5 11:28:32 GMT 1999

On Wed, 3 Nov 1999 13:53:06 +1100, hai scritto:

After logrotate rotates the logs samba stop logging completely, if the
log are gzipped.
Connections that were already active (shown in smbstatus) keep logging
to the old logs.

- someone has and HD (Win9x) where the volume label of the HD is "xyz"
- there is a dir "c:\xyz", 
- the c:\ rootdir is shared (say as "c")
Then when the HD is smbmounted the c:\xyz dir will appear as a file
(really as a "VOLUME ARCHIVE") and not a dir, its content won't be
To solve this either change the volume label or the dir name.
Smbclient in not affected.
This is real-time, if you change the volume label while the disk is
smbmounted you see the dir re-becoming a dir and vice-versa.

====Weird smbstatus thing / oplocks
3) smbstatus (not strictly  2.0.6 related)
win98SE (all file opened are on a samba share).

a) open a tar.gz file, smbstatus shows it with
b) then open and awd file which is
smbstatus shows the first tar.gz and this awd.
c) then open another awd file which is
Now, at c), the first tar.gz file is disappeared from smbstatus output,
even if I still have the winzip window open. Smbstatus shows only the 2
awd files. Is this normal? Does this happen because the tar.gz file is
opened read-only?

If open 2 wordperfect docs after the tar.gz, the tar.gz remains in the
smbstatus output; and then if I open an awd the tar.gz vanishes.

If I open awd files only, just the last 2 awd opened are in smbstatus
even if I have 5 or more Imaging windows opened.

4) oplocks
I still get oplocks (win98SE), and when it happens winzip process goes
into the background and stays there (no file opened after 30 sec).
smbstatus shows the file as locked (oplocks enabled, but no oplocks?)
maybe because winzip still has not shown me the message about really
opening the file.
I kill winzip with wintop.

The new thing that no oplocks are granted to a client that failed seems
to work: after the break my machine was never granted an oplock again
for any file (didn't checked if this survives the deatime timeout

====Minor documentation issues:

5) manual pages of smbd and nmbd should say that now HUP should reopen
log files.

6) "translate" is used in the smbprint script, but it's not documented
anywhere in the man page of smbclient.

7) DIAGNOSIS.txt, test3, I think that since samba-2.0.x smbclient asks
for a password unless you use -N or -U% (ok, you can press enter at the
password prompt and go ahead, but new users will say "what password?").

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