Samba <--> NT Password Syncroniztion!

Maher Khzouz maher at
Tue Nov 2 16:36:43 GMT 1999

Hi there,

Here is the dilemma!

What I want to do is have a NT domain, with a samba server in that domain.  
Win 95/98 workstations will be connecting to the domain.  There will be two NT
machines, one a PDC and another BDC.  Another machine with Linux and samba. 

 If I change passwd in the NT domain, I want it to change in the samba server
(smbpasswd file) and the system /etc/passwd 
file.  It seems that this can be done, but with what modifications to samba? 

Is there a way back, If I however do a change to samba passwd, could it change
on the NT domain password as well?

Appreciate any input or even a suggestion to a site that I can fall back to. 


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