Tulipánt Gergely tulipant-gergely at dbrt.hu
Tue Nov 2 16:28:01 GMT 1999

Herb Lewis <herb at chomps.engr.sgi.com> wrote:

> > Everything else works, but "nmblookup -B ACLIENT '*'".
> > It shows the servers IP address, unless "ACLIENT" can be resolved thru hosts/dns.
> > Can someone explain me why?

> I'm not sure what they are trying to accomplish with this test. The -B 
> option takes an arguement of the broadcast address. You are trying to 
> do a name query for '*' to the broadcast address ACLIENT. It needs to
> resolve ACLIENT by hosts/dns to supply the broadcast address.

They want to test the client configuration with this. I think ACLIENT should be 

But I still wonder why nmblookup doesn't complain about not being able to resolve the broadcast 
address you put after -B.

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