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Tue Nov 2 16:24:15 GMT 1999

Hi all,

>>Now I want 5 more Win98-clients to use the Samba shares. However, these are
>>on a different subnet. When I try 'net view \\myserver' on one of these
>>boxes I get:
>Try setting up the Samba server as a WINS server and having the Win clients 
>register with the Samba WINS server.  Everything should work that way.
>I don't remember the smb.conf directives, but you can find them in the man 
>page.  Look for something like "wins server" and "master browser" and set them 
>to 'yes' or 'true'.  Make sure that you don't have any other master browsers 
>or wins servers though.

Nearly right.  'wins server' is the smb.conf setting to tell your
Samba(UNIX) box where the WINS server is on the network.  DO NOT SET
this setting if you want Samba to be your network's WINS server.

DO SET the 'wins support' setting for WINS server functionality.

NEVER set them both.

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