Sorry! But Multi-interface card problem....

tbsky_lee at tbsky_lee at
Tue Nov 2 02:31:53 GMT 1999

I ask this few days ago...But can not get a hint.
  Sorry for asking again..
  i search the archive for the problem, and find some discussion about
  "multi home samba", but there seems no result about that thread.

  our samba  got three NIC =>,,
  and got 2 netbios name. CAMER(share mode). CAMLOGON(user mode).
  it acts as a wins server and logon server.

  we cut to several class c networks. so client from there
  connect  samba server through a gateway. for example:

   client1( <--> gw(
<-->  samba (
   client2(   <------------------------------------>
   client3(  <------------------------------>

   client2 and client3 works fine.
   client2 knows CAMER & CAMLOGON as,
   client3 knows CAMER & CAMLOGON as

   client1 has problems to know samba as
   try ping CAMER or ping CAMLOGON, i will see or or
   client may get any combination about CAMER/CAMLOGON from nmbd wins
   maybe or or
   and very strange. sometimes CAMLOGON is not report as,
client still can
   logon samba server. and somtimes CAMLOGON is report as, but
client can't

         client can not get the correct server ip from wins server through

   How can i solve this problem ??? thanks for ur reply !!!!

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