smbmount syntax for 2.0.5a

Urban Widmark urban at
Mon Nov 1 21:40:56 GMT 1999

On Tue, 2 Nov 1999, Mader, Cary J wrote:

> When I issue the following:
> smbmount //server/share -I dest ip -U user%pswd -c `mount /mnt/dirname`
> I get the following message:
> mount: can't find /mnt/selData in /etc/fstab or /etc/mtab
> What do I need to do to configure the fstab and or mtab files so that the
> smbmount command will work?  Or am i doing something wrong on the smbmount
> command? Should the /mnt/dirname directory exist (I've created one)?

The dir should exist. You should not have anything sbfs related in
/etc/fstab or /etc/mtab. The usage for this version says,
Usage: smbmount //server/share mountpoint [options ...]

and nothing about -c. Does this work?
% smbmount //server/share /mnt/dirname -I dest ip -U user%pswd

The manpage for 2.0.5a suggests your way of doing it, the code reads

>  I tried adding a line to fstab using filesystem option smbfs, which was in
> the man page for mount, but then got an error that it was an invalid
> filesystem.  The mount man page also mentioned a script file named
> mount.smb, but did not provide much other detail.

Upgrade to a 2.0.6-pre version to do that or find a mount.smb script that
is compatible with 2.0.5a. I can't make any promises regarding your 2.0.2
scripts though ...

2.0.6-pre can definitly be recommended on the client side of smbfs. Not
only does it improve the way things are mounted it also contain a much
needed bugfix for remounting when the server has disconnected. The manpage
for smbmount is also a lot better in 2.0.6-pre.


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