Help! problems with Arcserve. Can someone decrypt the logs ?

EFT.Eric Devolder eric.devolder at
Mon May 31 08:20:55 GMT 1999

In response to your mail, Michal,

I have to say that We would like to use Arcserve for historical reasons.
Until 1 year we didn't used Linux, and discoverd this very attractive and
powerfull platform. Then we choosed Arcserve because of its facility to
backup lots of Windows NT clients. I still haven't found such a program for
Linux, that can run clients on Win NT/9x machines in order to backup them.
However, We use (Yes, I know it's a mistake) Microsoft Exchange Server for
mails, and only Arcserve has clients to backup this dinosaur.

Anyway, perhaps can I give a more detailed description of the problem:

When estimating the files to backup, it takes a very long time. Both
machines are linked together trough Fast Ethernet, and it takes approx. 10
minutes / Gigabyte or more.
Then when it runs, the backup performs well, until a certain time, and then
it stops to work. Acrserve error code is NETWORK ACCESS DENIED. Moreover, If
I try to browse the sharing with an explorer, it crashes also (Network path
not found), as if the connection was broken. I can't find anything in the
logs. The only way to recover this is to log-off and log-on again. I
actually don't know if the problem is on the Arcserve or on the Samba side.

If you have time to waste, it is possible to ask for an evaluation copy of
arcserve backup. (It works for 30 days).

Something important: the NT server is NOT on the same domain than Samba
server. I did not managed to force the NT server to go on the Samba domain.
Is it possible ? 

Thank you again.

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