smbfs: directory listing with duplicate entries

Michael H. Warfield mhw at
Mon May 31 12:38:23 GMT 1999

Peter Kundrat enscribed thusly:
> Hello,

> smbmount from smbfsx-2.04b-1

	Huh?  I have no clue what this is.  Is this a distribution package
or something?  What distribution are you running, vendor and version.

	I'm presuming that the above is something like a RedHat RPM
package name, but I have no idea what's in it.  It's not in any distro
that I've got on line.

> kernel 2.2.7

> I got a little problem with smbfs. Everything works fine, but sometimes
> i get doubled directory entries (not all of them). I turned debug on in smbfs
> and it looks that the doubled items come from NT server (4.0 server SP5 (PDC)).

	You say "sometimes".  Can you be a little more specific?  Is it
sometimes based on the connection or sometimes based on time.  In other
words, for a given connecton/drive/listing/share does it always work
the same way?  If you do the same listing over and over and over again,
does it always give the double listing or not give the double listing or
does it sometimes do one and sometimes do another.  Is the problem specific
to a particular share or resource?  Do you have this problem with any other
shares or resources other than the 4.0 SP5 server?

> Listing from smbclient is fine.

> Here is an example from ls -l on smb share:
> -rw-rw----   1 root     samba         848 Sep  2  1997 BANKY.DBF
> -rw-rw----   1 root     samba         848 Sep  2  1997 BANKY.DBF
> -rw-rw----   1 root     samba         835 Oct 27  1997 BANKY.ERR
> -rw-rw----   1 root     samba         835 Oct 27  1997 BANKY.ERR
> -rw-rw----   1 root     samba         963 Oct 27  1997 BANKY.FXP
> -rw-rw----   1 root     samba         963 Oct 27  1997 BANKY.FXP
> -rw-rw----   1 root     samba           6 Apr  9  1996 DIR.BBS
> -rw-rw----   1 root     samba           6 Apr  9  1996 DIR.BBS

	From the listing, I don't see the usual problem associated with
this but...  Is the WIN95 bug workaround compiled into your kernel?  On
most NT shares, it causes radically screwed up file timestamps (byte
ordering is screwed) and that's not present here.  That workaround also
subtly affects packet timing to avoid some Windows 95 problems.  It should
always be disabled unless you only have Windows 95 for servers.

	Service pack 5 is relatively new so this may be a new phenomina
that may or may not be related.

> I got tcpdump trace from the session (raw data from tcpdump -w)
> (smb-ntnt-ls.tcpdump
> is dump from NT server client, smb-smbclnt-ls.tcpdump is dump from the
> session with listing from smbclient as a client).

> Unsorted ls -sU is in file gic-f.lsu. Kernel log messages with debug info
> are in kern1.log (i had to bump up kernel log size to catch it all).

>  I hope this helps locate the bug. In case i missed some info or you 
> need more details i'd be glad to help.

> 	Regards and thanks,
> 			kundrat

> PS: i am not subscribed so cc: me
> PS2: if attaching is preferred to publishing on the web i can email 
>    all info on request

	Actually, that's fine by me.  I'll take a look at it.

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