Subject: Samba and Seagate BackupExec

Franck Buland franck.buland at
Mon May 31 08:30:04 GMT 1999

Hi Till,

I tested the credential problem, but in this case the error message is
"Access denied".
I tested 2 main configurations:

Configuration 1:
security = share
guest account = guest
guest ok = yes 
create mask = 0766
map archive = true
So, I think that there are no credential problems in this configuration

Configuration 2:
security = server
guest account = guest
guest ok = yes
create mask = 0766
map archive = true
force user = user
with a Linux account for BackupExec, and for each user.

P.S.: B.U.E. is BackupExec.

In BackupExec, I can see the computer, and the share, but when I want to
see the files in the share, a message box say "A device specific error
occured", and the message "Unable to connect to server, <F5> to retry"
is showed instead of the files.

Any new suggestion are welcomed.

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Hi Franck,

to my knowledge, the Backup Exec service "runs" under a certain user. In
most cases it is the user who installed it, so very often
Now if you try to backup a Samba share, Backup Exec tries to retrieve
files of this share and has to authenticate to the Samba Server. I
it will do this with the "credentials" of the user the Backup service is
running under. I would try to give this user read/write access to the
shares. I guess this user is the one Cary is talking about (although I
know what B.U.E. stands for).

Hope this helps,

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